Contributing to “ECO” – the Blue Earth・Electrolyzed Water

Operation Details

4-006-1Revises information regarding electrolyzed water and its generators.
With the cooperation of third parties, establishes standards on electrolyzed water generators, conducts screening and issues certificates.
Assesses promotional measures, such as expanding the use of electrolyzed water, and appealing to government and related agencies.
Creates and revises manuals, PR brochures and other materials regarding the handling of electrolyzed water, with validations given by a highly reliable third party as a source.
Monitors and revises information gathered by conducting field studies on the number of distributed units, through surveys, etc., and by collecting domestic and foreign information.
Organizes technology exchange conferences (training sessions, etc.) for members and exchanges views and information with other related organizations.
Considers and participates in various related events for the promotion of electrolyzed water.
Conducts other operations necessary to achieve the objectives of the association.

Association Profile

Japan Electrolyzed Water Association
Representative director Katsuhiro Kawada
Vice-president Minoru Kanno
Hiroshi Ono
Director Isamu Kuwashima
Yoshinori Nakamoto
Masaki Suzuki
Kenji Tanaka
Midori Kurahashi
Kazuyuki Kobori
Jun Terai
The address Japan Electrolyzed Water Association Secretariat
4-6-11 Kurihara, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0842

Phone: +81 (3) 3896-8250
FAX: +81 (3) 3898-1431

Description of business
  1. Information about generation equipment and electrolysis water is maintained.
  2. We assume that I get third person’s cooperation, settle on a standard of generation equipment and issue an examination and a qualification certificate.
  3. I consider increasing use for the spread promotion and work on a government and each related engine.
  4. A manual based on the basis which has high evaluation (validation) equal reliability by the third person about directions of electrolysis water.
  5. The making by which it’s for publicity data and a renewal are performed.
  6. The spread actual condition survey (the spread number and questionnaire, etc.) and Naigai information collection are performed, and information is maintained and renewed.
  7. Holding of a technology exchange meeting (workshops), an exchange of views with related several groups and an exchange between the members are performed.
  8. After considering participation in events in a related district for the spread promotion, it’s put into effect.
  9. Additionally business necessary to accomplishing objective is performed at any time.

Association Organizational Chart



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