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What is JEWA (Japan Electrolyzed Water Association)?

cropped-cropped-JEWA-logo.pngThe General Incorporated Japan Electrolyzed Water Association was established in May of 1999 as the predecessor organization, Strong Electrolyzed Water Association.
The association was originally established by eight companies, which manufactured and marketed generators producing strong acidic electrolyzed water for the purpose of sterilization, hence the name, Strong Electrolyzed Water Association.
Later, an increase in the number of registrations to the association by companies specializing in other types of electrolyzed water (slightly acidic electrolyzed water and weak acidic electrolyzed water) created an inconsistency between the name and the content of the association, prompting some members to request a name revision. Upon due consideration, the name, Strong Electrolyzed Water Association, was revised to Japan Electrolyzed Water Association during the general meeting held in May of 2010.
In 1996, strong acidic electrolyzed water was approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a disinfecting and cleaning water, effective in the prevention of nosocomial infections through the use of hand washing. In 1997 under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, electrolyzed water generators, for which applications were submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by various companies and later passed examination, were approved as medical devices for the use of disinfecting and cleaning endoscopes. The electrolyzed water used in the medical field had officially been given a name: strong acidic electrolyzed water.
In August 1999, SEWA (predecessor of JEWA), with the cooperation of association members, submitted an application for acidic electrolyzed water as a food additive to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. In June of 2002, acidic electrolyzed water was approved and designated as a disinfecting food additive and was given the name, hypochlorous acid water, in the field of foods and food products.
Furthermore, in the field of agriculture, the association applied to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for acidic electrolyzed water to be designated as a harmless agricultural chemical in 2004, in time with the revision of the Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law.
After careful examination by the “Designated Harmless Agricultural Chemicals subcommittee of Agricultural Chemicals Branch (Committee) of Agricultural Materials Council” of the safety and effectiveness of electrolyzed water, it was approved as a Designated Harmless Agricultural Chemical in March of 2014 with the name, electrolytic hypochlorous acid water, a full 10 years following its application.
Since the establishment of the predecessor association, SEWA, and even now, the Japanese Electrolyzed Water Association, as a corporate organization specializing in electrolyzed water, has been working to promote electrolyzed water and the further growth of the industry by holding regular monthly management conferences and negotiating with the government and municipality related departments. In August of 2014, the association was registered as a general incorporated association, a transformation from the previously private organization, and embarked on a new beginning with the official name, General Incorporated Japan Electrolyzed Water Association.

EverContributing to “Eco” – the Blue Earth, on the topic of environmental hygiene and electrolyzed water for members, as well as the general public. The association reports on the activities of the individual members and the association and the use of a wide range of electrolyzed water such as slightly acidic, weak acidic and strong acidic electrolyzed water, electrolytic hypochlorite water and alkaline electrolyzed water.

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