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Objectives and Activities of Each Committee

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Agriculture Committee
Food Safety Committee
Medical and Welfare Committee
Screening Standards Committee
Public Relations Committee
Laws and Ordinances Committee
Potable Electrolyzed Water Committee
Electrolyzed Moderately Acidic Water Committee

Agriculture Committee


By working to acquire various certifications, the committee promotes the wide spread use in the agricultural market of electrolytic hypochlorous acid water, which was approved as a designated agricultural chemical by the Japanese government.

n-1Tomato cultivation n-2Electrolyzed water generator and accompanying equipment

Activity Details

  • Acquires certifications for electrolyzed water in the field of agriculture
  • Promotes electrolyzed water generators
  • Reports on cases of the use of electrolyzed water・acquires approval as a designated agricultural chemical・creates manuals on the use of electrolyzed water
  • Applies for the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) registration of
    organic agricultural products and organic processed food
  • Provides training on the use of electrolyzed water in the agriculture (twice a year)


Food Safety Committee


The committee promotes the proper use of hypochlorous acid water, designated by the government as an approved disinfecting food additive, in the food and food-processing field. With the cooperation of industry, government and academia, the committee solves various problems with the aim of enhancing the user-friendliness of hypochlorous acid water. Furthermore, by organizing seminars, the committee promotes awareness, contributing to the safety and reliability of the food environment.

Activity Details

  • Promotes the use of hypochlorous acid water in the prevention of Norovirus
  • Applies for the designation of alkaline electrolyzed water as a food additive
  • Requests for the revision of sanitization standards
  • Establishes the safety of hypochlorous acid water in regards to concerns over the production of harmful chlorine compounds
  • Reports information to the public health center and other agencies
  • Provides seminars on food and food safety (twice a year)

*Cleaning and sanitization of food
*Disinfecting of cookware and food processing equipment

Medical and Welfare Committee

Objective (Medical Field)

  • Promotion of electrolyzed water in the field of medicine as well as providing information on its effective use.
  • Establishes and adjusts the criteria and standards for strong acidic electrolyzed water in the medical field
  • Reports on the use of strong acidic electrolyzed water generators as a cleaning and disinfecting device for flexible endoscope.
  • Provides training on the use of electrolyzed water in the medical field.

医療1 Disinfecting and cleaning of medical equipment

Activity Details (Field of Welfare)

The committee contributes to the prevention of norovirus and other germs in facilities, especially nursing homes, by implementing a strict “no entry and exit of germs” measure.


Hand washing with electrolyzed water

The committee instructs on the use of electrolyzed water in hand washing, while also holding discussions and exchanging information with facility workers to promote the effective use of electrolyzed water in the prevention of food poisoning, facility cleaning and in giving bed baths. Furthermore, the committee, with the cooperation of related administrative agencies, works to promote and build the recognition of electrolyzed water.

Screening Standards Committee


  • Clarification of screening standards
  • Improving the reliability of devices manufactured and marketed by the members.

Promotion of the JEWA mark


Assigning a registration number to each member company.

Activity Details

Screening of devices manufactured and marketed by the members.


Various manuals and training materials

Public Relations Committee



Seminar held by JEWA

The public relations committee aims to stimulate the electrolyzed water market by keeping users, distributors and related ministries up to date about the association’s activity plans, each committee’s activity progress and the latest information on electrolyzed water through various seminars, exhibitions and the association homepage.

Activity Details

  • Reports updates on committee activities
  • Operation and management of the homepage
  • Publishes and sells various manuals
  • Plans and organizes various seminars
  • Prepares for and participates in exhibitions

Laws and Ordinances Committee

Activity Details

In recent years, many products claiming to be “hypochlorous acid water” have been circulating on the market. Many of these products are, however, simply made by diluting “sodium hypochlorite” with “hydrochloric acid” or with “carbonic acid” to comply with the compositional standards set by the government.
With the possibility of these products causing various harmful effects such as chemical reaction and salt residue, the Water Supply Act was revised to regulate the levels of chloric acid and bromic acid. There are, however, no means of accurately measuring the level of these acids on site. The objective of the Laws and Ordinances Committee is to appeal to the related ministries and to warn against and call attention to these products.

Problems of Chloric Acid and Bromic Acid Emerging through Revision of Water Supply Act

Potable Electrolyzed Water Committee


Since the approval of electrolyzed water, under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act in 1965, as being effective in improving gastrointestinal symptoms, various kinds of electrolyzed water, such as alkaline ionized water, Kangen Water (electrolyzed reduced water) and hydrogen water, have spread through society. The committee aims to promote the correct use and knowledge of the different kinds of electrolyzed water as drinking water for all who wish to use.

Activity Details

  • Obtains and propagates information on various potable electrolyzed water
  • Examines the safety of products and water produced by electrolyzed water generators. (Preparation and operation of the JEWA certificate system)
  • Researches and reports on the effects of electrolyzed water
  • Promotes the proper use of generators and methods of consuming

    Revision of Standards of Hypochlorous Acid Water (Acidic Electrolyzed Water) as a Food Additive (Apr. 26, 2014)
    Designated Range Prior to Revision
    Effective Chlorine Concentration
    Designated Range Post Revision
    Strong Acidic Hypochlorous Acid Water
    Weak Acidic Hypochlorous Acid Water
    Slightly Acidic Hypochlorous Acid Water
    Electrolytic Hypochlorite Water

Electrolyzed Moderately Acidic Water Committee


Activity Details

The hygiene of the people plans for the spread of electrolyzed moderately acidic water by accumulation of electrolyzed moderately acidic water and knowledge about the use technology and enlightenment activities, and is relieved to have it safely, and I contribute to improvement of comfort.

Basic position

  • The operation which isn’t deflected to certain enterprise and group
  • That the participation qualification is interested in slight acidity electrolysis water
  • The opening to the public which is important information in spite of profit disadvantage of a assosiation
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